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Yes, it’s a hassle to update Java and Adobe Acrobat every flipping week, and some updates may occasionally break things. Installing antivirus software isn’t the safety net it used to be, thanks to the increase in “zero day” threats that appear before AV companies can update their software.

This is usually achieved via a “phishing” email that looks like it’s from your bank, employer, or the IRS; this email aims to lure you to a bogus site where you enter your login name and password. The day is now observed in more than 120 countries. For the past 13 years, cyber-advocates across the world have used the second Tuesday in February to remind people to be careful out there.And while most of the discussion is focused on keeping kids out of harm’s way, adults can also learn a thing or two.Photo: Thinkstock Internet safety is also about securing yourself from cybercriminals, snoops, creeps, and assorted other denizens of the Net’s dark side.Once the attackers have your info, they can log into your account, then steal your information and sell it to others.

Some phishing attempts are crude and easy to spot; others would fool all but an expert.

But the defense is easy: Just don’t click on any links inside an email.

Follow these 13 rules and you should be able to surf in safety.

If there’s a vulnerability in your operating system, browser, or other software, be assured the bad guys know about it.

But no matter how quickly software makers plug that hole and push out an update, it won’t do a damn bit of good if you don’t actually install it.

So install updates as soon as they’re available, especially those marked “critical.” Better yet, set your OS and apps to automatically update if possible.

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