Sedating cat

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Often we can completely diffuse the situation without even needing to talk the cat down.

In other cases, in order to provide a thorough examination and the procedures the cat needs, you may need to go to sedation. The following video demonstrates a technique developed by Traci Shreyer, applied animal behaviorist, when she was on the Ohio State University Community Practice service where she established Low Stress Handling techniques.In this case the second technician is Traci Shreyer.She quickly places the towel over the cat pinning the sides down with her arms and using a ring hold around the cat’s neck.Then she lifts her elbow so that the clinician can reach under and give an injection in the epaxial muscles.Then Traci places the towel in the carrier and the technician quickly puts the top back in place and covers the carrier.The cat is first placed in a quiet, dimly lit room with calming music.

A towel is kept over the carrier to block visual access.

Then when it’s time to perform the sedation, the technicians and doctors are prepared.

While the owner distracts the cat at the front of the carrier, a technician cracks the back of the carrier open so that a second technician can place the towel.

The cat is then left in the carrier and quiet room.

The goal is to keep the environment calm and non-stimulating so that the sedative can take effect.

Once the owner indicates that it looks like the cat is sleeping, the clinician comes in to evaluate the level of sedation.

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