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She finally moved into a nursing home, Annfield House, Stirling (1998), after a fall.

Lucy D’Abreu died (Dec 7, 2005) at Stirling aged one hundred and thirteen years. c303 AD) Greek Christian martyr Daama (also called Damia) was killed at Tomis, on the Black Sea in Asia Minor, probably during the persecutions initiated by the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian Daia.Her feast was recorded in the Pels, Auguste van D’Abreu, Lucy Victoria – (1892 – 2005) British centenarian Born Lucy d’Souza at Dharwar in India (May 24, 1892), she was married (1913) to a surgeon, Abundius d’Abreu, to whom she bore several children.Her husband was a cousin by marriage to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (1900 – 2002), and thus related to Queen Elizabeth II.With the death of her husband, she finally removed to Scotland to reside near her children (1985).Dabrowska Dubravka Dabrowska, Maria – (1889 – 1965) Polish literary critic and author Maria Dabrowska was born at Rusow, near Kalisz, and was educated in Belgium, and the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland.

Prior to World War II she resided in France and Britain.

Dabrowska’s lifelong sympathy with the lives of the Polish peasantry was revealed in her collections of short stories, (Nights and Days) (1932 – 1934), which was published in four volumes, and chronicled the lives of an ordinary Polish family from the 1860’s until the eve of World War I.

Her many plays included the historical drama (Sketches of Conrad) (1959).

Maria Dabrowska died (May 19, 1965) aged seventy-five, in Warsaw.

Dache, Lilly – (1898 – 1989) American milliner Lilly Dache was born at Beigles in France, and was apprenticed as a young girl to a milliner in Bordeaux.

After her arrival in Paris she worked in the same capacity under the leading French milliners, Caroline Rebux and Suzanne Talbot before immigrating to the USA (1914).

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