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By public transit: Ride the LIRR from Penn Station two hours to the Westhampton station.Ride the train from Montauk station back to the city.

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With tons of new destination eateries and boutique hotels like The Hudson Milliner and The Barlow, this riverfront village is basically a second coming of Brooklyn.Brunch in the garden at Red Dot, then walk off that croque-monsieur at all the galleries and vintage shops along Warren Street.Stop by café-motorcycle shop Moto Coffee Machine and bring your iced latte to Basilica Hudson -- an art and performance space -- where something's always happening.For dinner, Crimson Sparrow’s tasting menu on the patio is delightful, but Zak Pelaccio recently introduced an à la carte menu at Fish & Game (one of the best New York restaurants NOT in NYC), featuring wood oven-roasted whole chicken with bacon and game jus, and it's what you're gonna wanna linger over.Even if you totally love your job, weekends are everything, particularly when they're spent outside of the city guzzling local wine, biking to seafood shacks, and roasting marshmallows like you're in some campy '80s movie about camp.Here are 10 weekend getaways, all accessible within five hours by public transport or car, so you might have to rent one or borrow your roommate's.

But it'll be so worth it -- it's always fun to get away from the city, even for a weekend.

Perched on a cliff in New Paltz, the swanky Mohonk Mountain House is a 136-year-old, all-inclusive camp for adults and kids.

And with the Take the Train package ($320/pp), tennis, golf, boating, yoga, 85 hiking trails, and a new spa are more accessible than ever.

By public transit: Ride Metro-North two hours to Poughkeepsie. By car: Two hours Board a morning train with your two wheels (remember to bring that $5 lifetime bike permit) and get off at the Westhampton station.

From there, pedal about 45 miles along waterfront roads, through the Hamptons and out to Ruschmeyer’s, where you'll drop your backpack, change into a bathing suit, and cruise eight minutes away to one of the best seafood shacks in America, Duryea’s Lobster Deck. Next up is a dip at Ditch Plains Beach and a Driftwood Ale at Montauk Brewing.

When it’s time to refuel, a burger at The Gig Shack is conveniently located around the corner.

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