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Maybe you even have a straight-up crush on one of the girls saved in your phone… You’ve got it tucked away safely in your phone, so what next?Well, for years and years men debated fiercely over the big dating question of the 20th century: ”How long should I wait before I call her?

Our screw-ups, awkward texts, and failed attempts are the hot topic of conversation on girls night out.So by the time your first text to her arrives, her feelings about you have changed. So her feelings towards you – and whether she went out with you or not – would depend on only one or two phone calls.She just doesn’t when it comes to love and dating) are not logical.  A woman would use this time to “screen” a guy out if he acted creepy or nervous, had a terrible phone voice, or otherwise made her feel “bad” on the call.A girl’s not sitting there with a spreadsheet, doing an analysis of the different guys she could be dating, so she can decide who she’s going to see on Wednesday night. Let’s recap: when a girl decides she wants to go out with you, it’s a decision that’s driven by her feelings and emotions towards you. You called someone, and either they picked up, or you called back. Those one or two phone calls were the only “data points” she could use when deciding if she wanted to see a guy again.Nope, decisions like who to text back, who to go out with, who to sleep with, and who she wants as a boyfriend are decisions. I have a first text formula, which I used to come up with this one, and I gave it to a client. So basically, Let’s take a little journey back in time to see how this worked before text messages. Ronald Reagan just won re-election, theatre-goers can’t stop talking about Ghostbusters, and text messaging is unheard of. I was only four back then, but I’m told that in such ancient times, there were very few points of contact between when you’d meet a girl, and when you’d go out on a date. I remember calling girls back in college (texting didn’t really catch on until I was in my mid twenties).The night prior, he’d met a girl who was wearing this stunning dress, hit it off with her, and walked away with a great number. It was definitely stressful, because you knew you had twenty minutes to rekindle the feelings she had when you met her, and ask her out again.

But if you did well on that phone call, it was all good. On any given day, you get more calls, beeps and notifications on your smart phone than most people got in two weeks back in 1984.

In a little bit, we’re going to learn about how this makes for all sorts of interesting psychological “loopholes” that you can use to make girls really, really like you. But for now, let’s think about how text messaging changes the “dating game” – and not in your favor. But there are also a lot more opportunities to screw it up.

But with this report, and all of the material I’m putting it out on texting, I want to change that. Sure, there are some artsy poet laureate’s out there who “just get it”… The good news: there are some amazing breakthroughs in psychology that are going to turn the tables in your favor.

But before we can get to those, I want to give you a “lay of the land.” . And those positive feelings she had towards you began to fade away. She might be getting texts from an ex she’s not totally over, and five other guys who also have her number.

And she thought to herself “I’d like to see this guy again.” Congrats! Then she went off to meet her friends, or to class or work. She might have had a date lined up for the night after you met her.

Heck, she might not even remember giving you her number.

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