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She is a wonderful person with some pretty incredible gifts—gifts that I, a former skeptic, have experienced firsthand.

We are simply sharing our experience, and whether you decide to believe it, well … I immediately felt an odd sort of kinship with her—and not the type where I wanted to share falsified quotes of hers on Facebook or get a tattoo of her face or anything. So over the years I did research on her, watched her filmography, studied everything. it’s hard to explain it, it’s the weirdest feeling. She agrees and tells me Marilyn was a very strong spirit. I had a “Chardonnay and Marilyn Night” once a week for a period of time in 2012. So I guess that’s a pretty long-winded way of saying I had Marilyn on my mind when I threw this idea out to Amy. And so one sunny Friday afternoon, we sat down together on Skype after some preparation (on both our parts) and reached out to her. She closed her eyes and appeared so still for several minutes I was almost afraid we’d lost our connection. Like my head just keeps expanding, getting bigger and bigger. She starts in my back, I feel it in my back so I’m … I ask if that had anything to do with the fact that she’s been “kept alive” for so long, so adored and in the forefront of people’s minds. embellishments aren’t the right words, but things that aren’t factual in that story, but her emotional state was correct. The, um, reaching out to people that she shouldn’t have reached out to, told things to because she was desperate … We’ve worked together in the past and have done many readings, but nothing quite like this. Then she opened her eyes, smiled, and said, “Are you ready? Amy: I feel her very strongly right now, so if I start acting strange just … Amy agrees and says that has a lot to do with energy—from what I’ve learned, all of this stuff does—and with so much energy devoted towards her, she has a lot of strength. She’s well aware of your love and she’s happy about it. Nothing like contacting a beloved icon of the past. Me: In just this room, I’ve got a calendar, a vintage ad, a photo, a photo, a photo, and in the other room a photo—and in the bedroom (laughing) a photo. I explain that some of my other articles about her had gone viral and that was one of the reasons Marilyn had been on my mind, specifically the one about the tragic aspects of her life. Amy says she knew little about Marilyn and definitely wasn’t aware of the tragedies she’d experienced. I go on to say that the idea for the story also came to me very quickly, all at once. She didn’t really go in with me yesterday about, um, what happened to her—except for one thing. So I know she’ll probably want to, since she showed me that yesterday, go into the end of her life. And she’s showing me like, layers, of a tunnel, staying stuck in a space until she was ready to work through those things, then she goes to another layer. And she’s telling me in a lot of ways she’s still in process.

She also started showing me yesterday, um, which I didn’t get a full answer from so I want to go into that—about um, rape. Amy: So I, um, I would like to find out more about that and who that was. And it’s interesting that we’re able to do this together because I do have a lot of knowledge about her life, so hopefully I’ll be able to answer some questions too. And she’s telling me right now one of the reasons she hasn’t reincarnated or come back into body is because she’s still processing. She’s still working on levels that she feels that she, because of who she was in that lifetime, which was not her first lifetime, and because of who she became … ” I’ve witnessed Amy getting the tone and inflection right of other people in the past and this was no different. (Which, obviously, was a pretty big compliment.) Me: Oh good! Was she sending me that image, is what I was wondering?

Or at least say yes, I’ve heard this or haven’t heard that. and the people who are connected to her today, there’s so much more on the plane of what she does is much more than what she could do if she came back into body. Amy goes on to explain that time means something different on the other side—that time is irrelevant. I wrote a story in my debut collection that was inspired by Marilyn. “I wish someone had told me Hollywood was like that.” As I begin to ask a question regarding that scene, Amy does a little motion near her ear with her finger and interrupts me.

I begin to get into things and Amy stops me right away—she never wants me to give her information as it taints the read. when you compress something to something and it makes an image? She basically, um, I actually see her kind of just going forward towards your third eye and just imprinting that memory into you. Marilyn going to this fortune teller to ask for something dark and clandestine.

Amy: That’s something that I got yesterday, she really harped on that for a while yesterday about—how almost all of her persona, everything she said was orchestrated by someone else. I guess just, uh, how—did, did you ever come to peace with the fact that you weren’t able to have children? Amy: So she’s telling me that when she first passed, that there was a lot of—and she’s using the word ‘time’ loosely—it was a process for her. She’s telling me now in a giggly, happy tone that she definitely gets her fill where she’s at.

Amy goes on to say that one of the things she caught from her previous tune-in was how intelligent Marilyn was, how spiritual. She says that she’s developed more after passing, but had that in life as well. Me: So I guess to start, is there anything she’s wanting to talk about? Of, uh, really letting go of a lot of things, the bitterness. She, she has a lot of children around her there, and she works with children all the time that are in body—she visits and connects with, so she was able to deal with that.

Amy: I know she wants to talk about who she really was, who she is. And she’s saying that it wasn’t easy at first, her process, of moving forward.

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