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There’s a streak of idealism in her that I like, and she tells us with a smile: “That is what I wanted to do.” Her clientele is a different story, however, as they name qualifications like a good family background or a successful career.

The camera briefly cuts to a mysterious man sitting at a different table before the woman (Lee Chung-ah) gives her answer.She thanks him for his bold confession, which now gives her the courage to face her own cowardice.Then she downs the rest of her glass, rises from her seat, and confesses her own feelings to the sommelier. We pause to learn more about Min-young, a bright-eyed young woman who works at a bustling matchmaking company.Her dream is to help those find their love match before they’re left forever alone.But what could compare to this moment — the moment you confess your feelings?” She tells us there is a principle that one mustn’t forget: True love can only be achieved through sincerity. He launches into his confession, nervously stuttering his words of admiration towards his date.

It doesn’t matter if things don’t work out later on down the road; he believes that there’s merit in a confession of love.

With one last burst of courage, he asks her for a chance to prove himself.

, the fourth show in the Flower Boy series on cable network tv N. They say that good things come in fours and EPISODE 1 RECAP In a dimly lit restaurant, a man breaks into a nervous smile in front of the woman sitting across from him, who smiles bashfully in return.

With likable characters and a story that’s easy to follow, one can easily forget how quickly forty-five minutes can pass in the blink of an eye. The wine, the flowers, the mood – everything is perfect.

At a nearby table, GONG MIN-YOUNG (Sooyoung) looks on encouragingly.

We hear her narrate: “There are so many things in this world where the time and place are crucial.

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