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Freshmen take the EXPLORE test (through ACT) and sophomores and juniors take the Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test (PSAT).The examination of student scores to discern patterns, strengths and weaknesses assists each student in preparing for college entrance testing.

Seminar Program Students attend seminar classes in sophomore, junior and senior years to help prepare them for life after high school. Kristy Cummings, Director of College and Career Planning, meets with seminar groups of 25 or fewer students and individually with students to help map out their future plans.The College and Career Planning Program, under the supervision of Human Development Services, assists students in exploring career options and facilitates their understanding and handling of the college application process.It relies heavily on the Adviser Program and utilizes the four-year testing program and the Seminar Program.Testing Program Testing occurs on all four grade levels and includes achievement and aptitude tests as well as surveys and indicators.Freshmen and sophomores begin the career and college planning process through the testing program.Since their futures are also impacted by the daily decisions they make, guest speakers are invited in to discuss relevant topics, including: Junior Seminar The goal of Junior Seminar is to get students ready to begin the college and scholarship application process early in their senior year.

Alums currently in college visit with students to share their experiences and offer advice about finding the right college.

Other activities include: Senior Seminar Students are guided through the college application process in Senior Seminar.

Students utilize Family Connection, an online service that provides tools and resources for the college process.

It allows them to search for colleges and track their progress.

Sophomore Seminar The purpose of Sophomore Seminar is to motivate students to think seriously and concretely about their futures.

The college search process begins here and students gain an understanding of how their GPA impacts college opportunities.

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