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This portion of the index provides records to 313 titles published from 1920 through 1922. Pagination varies, and many of the song sheets, particularly the older ones, are fragile. Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: I got a man. First Line: It's plain to see you fooled me from the start Chorus: I used to love you but it's all over all over now Music by: Von Tilzer, Albert. P/P/D: New York : Broadway Music Corporation, c1920. Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: Little crumb of happiness you gave me long ago.

All scores in this catalog have PDF versions available for viewing or download. Use the chart below to link to the beginning record for a particular year. First Line: I was a tiny little girl when my dad spoiled me Chorus: Dance me on your knee, my darling, dance me on your knee Music by: Smith, Eliza Doyle. Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: Honolulu eyes. First Line: Now there's a feeling comes a stealing when ma' work am through Chorus: Ma Hon-o Lu-oo-Lu, don't you hear me calling you-oo Music by: Edmonds, Shepard N. Words by: Gerber, Alex, Henry Lewis, and Abner Silver. Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: "Philosophy" is kissing fatal. a famous doctor of philosophy Chorus: If kissing is fatal, as says Old Doctor Batel, gosh! First Line: I've seen the world's greatest pictures, by masters new and old Chorus: There's a picture of sunrise at dawn, when the birds sing to welcome the morn Music by: Robinson, J. First Line: The mahogany is dusty, all the pipes are very rusty Chorus: How sad and still tonight, by the old distillery! Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: The moon shines on the moonshine.

First Line: Sir Thomas Moore in the lyric lore Chorus: 'Tis the last rose of summer Music by: Joplin, Scott.

Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: Oh you Tommy.

You may also return to a listing of the other catalogs found in the Popular Song Index. Words by: P/P/D: Chicago : Eliza Doyle Smith, c1920. First Line: In Hawaii that's where we met, I can't forget Chorus: Honolulu eyes they haunt me Music by: Violinsky.

Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: Gra-na-da. Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: Hawaiian twilight.

First Line: Shades of night, underneath the stars, shining from above Chorus: In old Gra-na-da 'neath the dreamy skies Music by: Spencer, Norman. First Line: Sun is sinking in Hawaii, little birds in their nests Chorus: The gentle shadows falling, night birds call my darling babe to slumber land Music by: Vandersloot, Carl D.

Location: SPC, KIRK PS 1920-1922 PDF Title: I used to love you (But it's all over now).

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