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The lower her interest level, the more she will nag, graze, and act moody. A guy can’t raise her interest level above 50% again. If she wants to come back it is to satisfy her ego and will be temporary until she finds something better to do. Physical Attraction Test – When a girl first meets a guy she determines whether she has 51% or higher interest level based upon his appearance and communication. Make a place away from her like the garage or live in separate houses.One example of reaching this point is hearing “I need my space.” 40 – 49%: She may be with a guy but is gathering resentment to make a clean break. Maintenance Program (Respect, Affection, Romance, Humor): Respect – Say no to her once in a while and stand your ground. Marriage – Date her for 2 years and watch her attitude (Integrity, Flexibility, Giving) for red flags. Then she can ask you to marry her (or hint for you to ask). Say “I love you” a handful of times in your lifetime. – Recognizing ‘Buying Signals’ – the subtle ways she lets you know that she’s interested in you.

Doc Love resides in Oceanside, CA, and he maintains a website that advertises his dating self-help material.have applied his principles for several years and believe it is the best relationship model for men and women.His fundamental goal is for a man to find the right woman and keep her in love forever. Reality Factor – Men have a tendency not to face reality when it comes to dealing with Miss Right. The goal is to get and keep her here by practicing the male strength qualities. If she starts with 51% interest level or above then after 9 dates (~60 days) she will be in love.Bottom Line Factor – Only her actions truly reflect her feelings and attitude towards you. A thermostat of a woman’s romantic feelings for you. 51 – 89%: The higher her interest level, the more fun you will have. The resentment and reasons why it didn’t work are still there. Once she is your girlfriend then you can see her up to 3 times per week.The primary concept in his teachings is for a man to be a challenge to the woman he is interested in.Challenge is the most important reason that a woman is attracted to and chooses to stay in a relationship with one man over another.

Challenge is defined as "allowing the woman to do the pursuing".

Other key ideas in "The System" include a list of Male Traits and Female Traits.

Doc Love's additional ideas from his philosophy include bringing salesmanship into the area of dating, namely by "closing the deal" with a woman by getting her HOME phone number.

He teaches his students and adherents to assess a woman's level of interest in the relationship by placing more importance on her actions than what she says.

Doc Love's stated interest is to improve relationships between men and women, decrease the nation's divorce rate and gradually quell the 'war between the sexes'.

He is highly critical of most self-acclaimed relationship experts who he criticizes as having no understanding of the concept of challenge and why women value it.

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