The internet s premier driver updating

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I have found that unless you’re using a really old wireless router, it’s more than likely an old driver for your wireless card that is the culprit. Here I’ve tried to get the direct links to those pages for the most common computers: Dell – HP – – Sony – tab Name=Downloads Select your system or type it in and find the latest driver for you wirless card.There is usually a section called Networking and underneath you should see a list of drivers. If you have more than one wireless driver, then you need to figure out which one you have installed on your computer.

You’ll see a list of devices with plus signs to the left of them.Click on the one called “Network Adapters” and there will be an entry for your wireless card as shown below: Now download that driver from the list off the manufacturers web site.Usually the wireless card is called something “Intel Pro Wirelss” or “Dell Wireless”, etc.Once you download the file to your desktop, double click on it and follow the steps to install. If the driver on the computer was the problem, the dropped connections should go away completely.If not, then you might have to try updating the router firmware.I’ve had a Netgear wireless router for about a year now and it’s been pretty good until a couple of weeks back all of sudden my wireless connection kept dropping or I couldn’t connect unless I restarted the router!

It was a royal pain, but because I’m lazy I didn’t get around to fixing it earlier!

If you’re in the same situation, here’s what you can do to fix the problem!

The issue is usually caused by one of three things: the driver for your wireless card, the firmware version on your router (basically the driver for the router) or settings on your router. First, you’ll need to go to the web site for the manufacturer of your computer: Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc and go to their support or driver downloads page.

Updating router firmware is a not so trivial task that varies depending on the router brand you happen to have.

Almost none of them have an automatic update feature.

Instead you have to download the latest firmware from their website, log into your router and then upload it up perform the update.

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