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The EU operates through a hybrid system of supranational and intergovernmental decision-making.

The community and its successors have grown in size by the accession of new member states and in power by the addition of policy areas to its remit.While no member state has, as yet, ever left the EU, a non-binding referendum in the United Kingdom in June 2016 supported leaving.the EU in 2014 generated a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of 18.495 trillion US dollars, constituting approximately 24% of global nominal GDP and 17% when measured in terms of purchasing power parity.Through the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the EU has developed a role in external relations and defence.The Lisbon European Council in March 2000 set the Community the objective of becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs, and greater social cohesion.In October 2007, the European Commission adopted two proposals.

The first was to establish a Framework Directive for the purpose of the admission of skilled and educated migrants to the EU, later known as the José Manuel Barroso The EU Blue Card Scheme is designed to make Europe a more attractive destination for professionals from outside the European Union.

All EU member states, except the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland, participate in the EU Blue Card scheme.

Highly qualified persons have opted in the past for destinations such as the United States, Canada or Australia.

(1,669,808 sq mi), and an estimated population of over 508 million.

The EU has developed an internal single market through a standardised system of laws that apply in all member states.

EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital within the internal market, A monetary union was established in 1999 and came into full force in 2002, and is composed of 19 EU member states which use the euro currency.

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