Unmoderated cam chat

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With our service, you connect to another user who is also interested in having a fun chat.

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We believe in the value of free expression and privacy, and at no point are we moderating conversations.A certain level of connectivity is required by each participant in order to connect, so even if there is nothing on your end standing inthe way, you may still see the occasional black screen.The author of the RTMFP protocol has a "Connectivity Checker" site which can show you how your connectivity looks here.If you see any Red lights on that page, you will have trouble with any P2P connections, including random webcam chat sites.The technology used here is fully Peer to Peer, your conversation can only be seen by the participants.We do try to give you the highest quality matches possible.

Your best option is to click Next as early in the conversation as possible.

These behavioural clues help us to determine who you don't want to talk to.

We use Flash technology to power the site, so your camera must be compatible with Flash.

You may not be able to enable your camera in Privacy or Incognito modes, unless you have already enabled it in your regular browsing mode. Some things will be obvious, some will be behind the scenes.

You can tell Flash to always allow your webcam at our site if you right-click one of the camera displays, choose Settings, and select the Camera tab. We encourage you to join our Beta program and get access to new features first!

This can happen when there are network difficulties standing in the way of making a Peer to Peer connection.

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