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I can't adjust settings in Symantec touchpad, because I don't seem to have one of those in my computer.When I go to Search to look for it, nothing comes up.

This function is called every time the cursor is successfully scrolled to a new position, giving the subclass a chance to update any state it may have.If it returns false the move function will also do so and the cursor will scroll to the before First position. Since this method could execute a query on the database and potentially take a while, it could cause ANR if it is called on Main (UI) thread.A warning is printed if this method is being executed on Main thread. The cursor takes ownership of the provided cursor window; the cursor window will be closed when the cursor is closed or when the cursor adopts a new cursor window.If the cursor previously had a cursor window, then it is closed when the new cursor window is assigned.Is there someway to make my cursor stop jumping around while I am typing?My cursor keeps jumping to different places while typing.

This is very annoying, and it takes a very long time to type a few words.

This started since I bought my laptop almost a year ago.

I called Toshiba about it, right at the beginning, but what ever they said didn't help.

I really though the problem was a Windows 8 glitch that would go away on its own, but have discovered while looking for solutions in Toshiba Forums, that the problem goes back to 2009.

Having known that before, I would have returned the machine right away. That helps for about 5 minutes, then my touchpad reactivates itself again, all by itself, and the problem returns.

I adjusted the settings in Mouse, in the Control Panel, but that doesn't make any difference.

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