Updating electrical outlets

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Switching out all 9 outlets – plus two switches – took me a little over an hour.

So when my mom enlightened me that they sell kits to add lights to existing ceiling fans we immediately had our game plan in mind (which included this vintage-ish Ceiling Fan Light Kit found at Home Depot).I was pretty stoked about the price of the add-on light fixture ($20) and the schoolhouse style was pretty decent too.So in my excitement I kinda sorta might’ve skipped over the directions and started taking the fan apart to see how it connected (after turning the power off to the room).It was quickly apparent that this colorful mess of wires didn’t match up with the simple black and white wires that the light kit came with.While our sunroom mojo was still running on high from accomplishing our most daring painting task to date, I quickly followed up with two small electrical updates to the room.The first is seemingly minor, but to us makes a world of difference in making a room feel new: updating outlets.

It’s something that was especially helpful in a room like our sunroom where the off-white outlets just look dirty against the white trim.

A basic new outlet and cover plate can run you as little as $2-3 so it’s not a pricey update – even for an outlet-riddled room like ours (there were nine in here).

And the task of replacing them is pretty straightforward too.

Maybe a bit tedious, but certainly not backbreaking.

So I actually put together a little graphic tutorial for easy reference if anyone else wanted to update some outlets in their home.

I’m not a trained electrician so I can’t say this is an expert how-to or that it’ll work for every home out there, but so far it has served us quite well.

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