Validating text field

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This means that validation occurs quickly and does not cause the page to reload or send anything to the server.

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For the purposes of this example we are keeping it simple and making everything required.Whether you are accepting input for something as simple as a guestbook or something as complex as an employment application, it makes sense to check the user’s input before committing it to a database or even an email.There are two basic types of validation: server-side and client-side.In this series we will be exploring client-side validation using Java Script.While client-side validation is not as secure as server-side validation, it does not require a roundtrip to the server.The first, valid, keeps track of whether or not we have found any invalid input.

We assume everything is good to start with by setting valid to true.

If any validation errors occur we’ll change valid to false.

However, before we can begin validating we need to create a Java Script function that handles all of our validation.

If you noticed, we have already given that function a name in our form tag above, validate My Form.

We’ll start simple by making sure that the user has entered something in the first name, last name, telephone, email, and number of years fields using the internet text boxes.

Here’s the code: function validate My Form() { // Create validation tracking variables var valid = true; var validation Message = 'Please correct the following errors:\r\n'; // Validate first name if (Element By Id('Text First Name').value.length == 0) { validation Message = validation Message + ' - First name is missing\r\n'; valid = false; } // Validate last name if (Element By Id('Text Last Name').value.length == 0) { validation Message = validation Message + ' - Last name is missing\r\n'; valid = false; } // Validate telephone if (Element By Id('Text Telephone').value.length == 0) { validation Message = validation Message + ' - Telephone is missing\r\n'; valid = false; } // Validate email if (Element By Id('Text Email').value.length == 0) { validation Message = validation Message + ' - Email is missing\r\n'; valid = false; } // Validate years on internet if (Element By Id('Text Internet Years').value.length == 0) { validation Message = validation Message + ' - Years using internet is missing\r\n'; valid = false; } // Display alert box with errors if any errors found if (valid == false) { alert(validation Message); } return valid; } Our first order of business in our validation function is to create two variables.

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