Vanness and ady dating

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I can’t say that Vaness Wu is doing anything for me; he’s too much of an over-processed flower boy for my taste.

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Here’s hoping it grows on me, or this might be a long 21 episodes.• So is it a Taiwanese thing that drama end credits ruin the suspense of the story?“I wonder if the leads get together…but wait, according to the cuddly, sun-drenched closing montage in every episode, they must!” I like to know there’s a happy ending in store, but leaving a little something to the imagination is cool, too.A spoiled rich boy with a tragic past and a bad attitude finds angst-ridden love with a cafeteria worker at the college his family owns.After separating them with a slew of soap-opera-style obstacles, the drama catches up with the couple seven years—and one illegitimate son—later.

I’m hungry for something unapologetically melodramatic. Looks as if this show is going to fit the bill—there was a dead parent and an attempted child abandonment before the first episode’s opening credits even rolled.

That must be some sort of world record for misery, and I, naturally, couldn’t be happier..

The 21 lengthy episodes of my first Taiwanese series flew by in a delightful blur of stabbings, terminal diseases, spontaneous amnesia, court trials, and ill-fated (but ultimately triumphant) love triangles.

A distant cousin to the Endless Love series of Korean dramas, is less innocent than most Kdramas when it comes to sex and violence, but is still built of similarly good-hearted DNA.

Showcasing a pair of so-beautiful-it-hurts lovers and their mind-bendingly adorable son, it pulls out all the stops when it comes to soapy tribulations, but never fails to keep a relatable human face on the madness. I’m really having difficulty watching this show with the volume on because the dialogue is hurting my ears.

Its somewhat draggy final quarter and inexplicably random final episode didn’t even dent my love for this refreshingly bad-guy-less show, all thanks to its squee-worthy love story and the respectful way it treated its quirky cast of • I can’t remember if I started off feeling this way, but I love the sound of the Korean language—it has lovely, crisp consonants and pleasantly curvy vowels. In contrast to the other Asian languages I’m familiar with, Chinese is choppy and harsh.

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