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We did get married and it last 6 years but that gave her the kink for out door fun with risk of being caught.

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My most public place was budapest airport last summer, waiting for a flight back to london.Her parents went to the usa for 2 weeks leaving her and her sis and brother at home all late teens then .We were at the house on a saturday afternoon and they were supposed to be out for the day and early evening .Me and the girl got horney on the sofa and decided to have a good one i stripped her off and was licking her from behind as she buried her head in the sofa i then stood up to put the condom on and was doing this when her brother came to the french windows ahhhh.The little shit told the parents and i was banned from the house for months .It was hot and the guy next door heard and tutted then joined in lol In my teens I was caught by my twin sis I was block naked knelt on the carpet with hanky spread out I was getting so close really going for it next thing the bedroom door opens not sure who was more horrified lol it spoilt the moment so to speak. next sunmer, i want to take the bike out into the countryside and find somewhere quiet and play.. A nice way to spend the day i think "Both wanking in the car is hot...

next sunmer, i want to take the bike out into the countryside and find somewhere quiet and play.. A nice way to spend the day i think "I've wanked in a lot of public places.

Car, bus, train, plane and countless service station and public toilets up and down the country.

Was caught by my mum years ago, I was sat at my PC and heard a noise at the bottom of my stairs instead of covering up I peered over the banister cock in hand and my mum was looking up at me. I've also got a fantasy of being caught by a stranger and finished off Sat in room one afternoon ..

put on some porn, started playing (had headphones in) didnt hear her calling that tea was ready so she walkes in room to tell me , looks at laptop says teas ready..

walked out again,, when I did get down stairs I had quite a ear bashing as I wasnt the legal age to watch that stuff!

Was being wanked off by my gf when her sister walked in just as I was cumming, gf didnt stop pump I couldn't stop spunking sister would stop watching, when I eventually stopped she just smiled and said you're going to need a lot of tissue for that, after that she always gave me a dirty looking smile and a wink but unfortunately she never caught us again xlike most people i think get caught i had been going out with my first wife for around 6 months we both lived at home so not much bed time nookie .

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