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Love getting naked and getting hard and stroking my hard **** to completion. one day as i was playing, it got so hard it hurt.i continued rubbing and stroking and all of a sudden i got that feeling you get when you ******. hi, im Sammy im into watching my boyfriend **** and others if I get chance.i just brought him a tenga **** toy and find it very horny watching there anyone else out there who uses any kind **** toys and maybe likes to be watched or talk about it please get in touch xx I went to an Erasure concert at an outdoor venue some years ago and there were big queues to go to pee so i went into a small wood. Of course I dont do it so often but it is still a great release. My favourite **** is over the thought of a woman in a see=through dress with her legs and knickers completely visible. well i was in a club and decided to go to the toilet and the funny thing was this man followed me he was simply stunning he had a tight fitting shirt and skinny jeans on all i wanted to do was rip his clothes off and get his **** in my mouth ...... My **** grew hard as I continued to rub myself with the towel then suddenly my *** shot out.In there were others having a pee inluding girls squating or lifting there skirts to pee, this got me so hard I began to stroke my **** watching one... My wife died many years ago, so solo sex is the only thing I do. Also "troublesome" are those scenes on TV where an actress is naked on top of a man but has her back to the camera. I do it several times a day and think about both men and women. It was such a good feeling I played with my **** making sure... I find public toilets in the shopping centers, they're always clean.

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Sometimes i go to the pool and get naked in the dressing room, have a shave at the sink... I have always loved playing with my willy for as long as I can remember.So I was on the train yesterday, the journey was going to take about 2 hours and I was getting bord.I wasn't planning on having a **** but I went to the loo and had a pee and got a bit hard, with a semi I walked back to my seat, I was wearing a pair of cream linen trousers and... Slowly running my finger around its tip until pre-*** started to appear. So recently I have taken to ************ at work, it started as a vague notion and has turned in to a daily event.I massaged my balls whilst stroking my ****, up and down. I know it is time for my daily tug when I feel that bulge grow in my trousers and the urge rise from deep inside. As the title says, I just can't get enough wanking time in day or night.Just before my lust took over I stopped for a bit before starting the whole thing again. I began wanking when i was about 6 and did it a lot in my teens I got married when i was 31 and I thought "Goodbye to my wanking years" but it was not like that and although I did it less I never really gave up. When I wake up in the morning, my wife is downstairs and I just lie back and **** thinking of all kinds of things to get me off.Since i became a widower it has been my sole sexual satisfaction. I am older, a very young at heart and mind 62 however stopped having sex with my wife years ago (that is another story)... I'm bisexual, although I haven't had lots of male experience if I'm to be...

I am almost addicted to ****, preferably bi-****, I like to ***** naked, start the videos or stories and slowly start to **** my tiny ****, my other hand... Saturday I went to see Take That in concert at the City of Manchester Staduim.

So i had never wanked in satin boxers before & only wanked wearin 2 cotton boxers one day i thought yeh i wanna **** in my satins so i tried 1st time but almost got caught & also 2nd time eventually at the end of the day i managed to get time so i rubbed it against my boxers got... My wife now does not enjoy sex so we stopped about 3 yrs ago. It was a lovely warm sunny day, and the short skirts, low cut tops, and floaty dresses were in abundance!

Since then l have be wanking most days and l really love wanking myself. i started when i was 12, just playing with my ****. my dad was a tough ex army type, now a lorry driver , being the middle one of three boys he did not have a lot of time for me, but one day he did take me in his lorry , it was a hot day and all he had on was his work boots and bib and brace overalls, thats when i noticed the... As the queues started to form, there was a lot of people starting to gather and things got a... I was drying myself with a towel after a swim at the local baths and felt a strange feeling.

I remember my mum catching me with my pants around my ankles playing with my stiff little d i c k when I was aged around 5.

I first started w a n k i n g to ****** when I was aged 11...

I was once in my house with friends and we started to watch a ***** on my TV, before i knew it my friend said that he had a major ***** and needed to relieve it (at this point so did I and wanted to go to the bathroom to do it) then he just got his Co*k out and started to...

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