Weight and older dating

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Maturity Younger women often complain that guys their age aren’t mature enough.

So why not turn to an older man who would probably be more interested in similar pursuits and mature conversations?Just search by age, filter by zip code and date someone this weekend!These millionaires aren't looking for wealthy mates. Society often likes to pass judgments and compartmentalize the reasons for an older man-younger woman relationship as ‘She’s in it for his money and/or he’s in it for the sex’.Millionaire Match has most members from North America and Europe. But it doesn’t necessarily hold true in many cases.A younger woman may be attracted to an older man for many reasons, among them… It epitomizes a fair bit of the confusion, pain and angst, yet the beauty and wonder that an older man-younger woman relationship goes through.

Much has been written and even more debated about whether such unions make sense.

There have been many successful May-December pairings right from Hollywood (Harrison Ford-Calista Flockhart, Michael Douglas-Catherine Zeta-Jones) to those that one encounters in everyday life.

TIP: Millionaire has many wealthy older men and younger women looking for each other.

Father figure To some younger women, either from divorced homes or who have lost their father at a young age, it is an unconscious need to fulfill their longing for a father figure in their lives.

While many discount this theory, it still does hold weight and has been found to be true in a number of cases.

Indulgent Older men are often more tolerant and understanding than the younger generation of males.

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