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Elizabeth Hurley wasn't bothered by her ex Hugh Grant dishing details about why their relationship ended because the reason was quite simple. He is grumpy." However, the British actress agreed with Cohen when he described Grant's grumpiness as "fairly charming." "I do, too," she said, adding, "But not 24/7." Like Grant, the 49-year-old actress said their current state of affairs is that "he remains my best friend." Even during their relationship, things weren't all bad.

"It's hard for six months to compete with 20 years on a friendship level," she told UK's Daily Express in January 2014.The couple at the Golden Globes in 2000 Hugh also went on to say that he is keen to dispel the myth that he is as charming and romantic as some of his on-screen characters."I get very annoyed when people think that I'm sort of nice or diffident or [a] polite English gentleman," he said. I'm a nasty piece of work and I think people should know that.2011 - Present Hugh Grant and Tinglan Hong have never confirmed their relationship, but they have two children together.Tabitha was born in September 2011 and the couple's son was born in early 2013."I don't think either of us can imagine not having the other in our lives." ON A MOBILE DEVICE?

, Hugh said that it was for the better that the pair went their separate ways in 2000, as they're now closer than ever.

"Well, the funny thing is it did," said Hugh when asked why it didn't work out for him and Elizabeth. She's my number one person I call in a crisis." Hugh says Elizabeth is his "absolute best friend" Hugh and Elizabeth, who first started dating after meeting on the set of a Spanish production called in 1988, have maintained a close friendship since their split in May 2000 and the Hammersmith-born actor is godfather to Elizabeth's son Damian.

During their time together Hugh and Elizabeth made a number of high-profile red carpet appearances and it was at the premiere of Hugh's film.

Between them, they have had more splits than the side of a Liz Hurley gown – but always seem to end up together.

This week Liz, 48, and her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant, 53, were spotted dining out in Chelsea, London.

Slightly more careworn than when they burst on to the scene 20 years ago, at the premiere of Hugh’s most famous film, Four Weddings and a Funeral – when Liz wore that dress – the pair remain close.

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