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I’ve been somewhat wary of treating Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s 16-year-old daughter like a celebrity.She didn’t ask to be famous, and it feels ridiculous to treat a 16-year-old like she’s famous just because of her parents.

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She wants to be a star/celebrity/model/actor in her own right.While I hate the way her cleavage looks on this cover, I’m actually loving her hair.I thought her original haircut was a bad idea, but I like the way it’s growing out and I like the shade of blonde she’s doing now.Controversial opinion: I’ve always thought she looked better as a blonde.She’s even regularly posing for magazine editorials these days too.This is Lily-Rose on the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair France. With a Chanel contract, a film selected for this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and 1.4 million (and growing) Instagram followers, the daughter of Johnny Depp and French star Vanessa Paradis has just added a Vanity Fair cover to her burgeoning résumé.

This follows an editorial she did with American VF a few months ago too. Appearing in the latest issue of the glossy’s French edition, Depp says she’s plunged head-first into French cinema after tenuous steps in two Kevin Smith films “For me, it’s simple: I like to act,” she tells the magazine. I want to make it my craft.” Her immersion, she says, came with the territory: “I was backstage at my mother’s concerts; on [my father's] films, as well as my mother’s. As a child I wanted to be a model or a singer.” With two big movie roles (including one opposite Natalie Portman, Planetarium) filmed within the last few months, Depp isn’t wasting any time.

So, she wants you to pay attention, even if it’s because she has a shady 24-year-old boyfriend? Acting lessons, she concedes, “may come later.” Her father, ever the protective but supportive parent, has said he was “quite worried” about her swift rise to fame – “especially not at this age.” But the budding actress, whom Planetarium director Rebeca Zlotowski raves is an “icon” in the making, seems keen on pursuing her passion. That’s always rough, when the kids realize that their parents have zero authenticity when it comes to life-advice or education-advice or whatever.

Noting that by her age, both her parents had already left school, Depp says with a laugh: “They were in no position to tell me, ‘Get your diploma first.’ ” Still, she has had a chance to learn from her father firsthand: The actor had a small role in his daughter’s 2014 film Tusk. Of course, both my parents had college degrees, and I was raised with the knowledge that NOT getting a college degree was not an option for me.

“It’s there that I really took a liking to filmmaking,” she says. But Lily-Rose isn’t even talking about college, she’s taking about high school, or whatever the French equivalent is of a high school diploma. Basically, Vanessa and Johnny need to figure out a way to be parents.

And while she’s a rebellious, insouciant French-American girl with a certain je ne sais quoi, her parents CAN AND SHOULD tell her to get her high school diploma at the very least. Here are some photos of Lily-Rose and her 24-year-old boyfriend Ash last month.

, which is why she covers the new issue of Cosmopolitan.

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