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“I’m part of six generations of a theatrical family,” she wrote in her memoirs, Vamp Until Ready: A Life Laid Bare (2003).“For over 40 years I’ve done everything from Shakespeare to Hollywood soaps, from Restoration Comedy to Cult Television Drama, from Westerns to Pantomime. My personal life, however, has been a disaster area.

She first came to prominence in cult British series, such as Dr Who and Triangle, but found international fame as Joan Collins’s catty sister in the hugely popular American television show Dynasty.However, her onscreen persona — granite graced with lace — was often at odds with the more placid elements of her personality.“Recently I did The Graham Norton Show, which was very alarming,” she said in 2008.“He was being crude and I’m not very good with crude.I like sophistication and elegance.” As Cassandra “Caress” Morrell — the revenge-obsessed sibling of Collins’s Alexis Colby — O’Mara excelled in bouts of verbal sparring with her British co-star over the course of 19 episodes in the mid-1980s. Having been released from a Venezuelan prison — where she was incarcerated over an incident involving Alexis — she arrives in Denver, Colorado, under the name Caress.Her plan is to make a fortune by writing a searing exposé on her sister’s dark, salacious past.

Alexis discovers the ploy, however, covertly buys up the publishing company and pulps the project. It’s like a comic book without the pictures.” “We had a tremendous bitchy tension between us,” recalled O’Mara.

“I’ve come to ask you for your autograph, congratulations sister dearest, it’s a wonderful piece of fiction,” sneers Alexis. “My character Caress was like an annoying little mosquito who just kept coming back and biting her.” The performance was a masterclass in melodrama — delivering a rollercoaster ride of fictional success and trauma that was matched by her own life story.

Kate admitted on Jimmy Kimmel live her actions were to try and make the Hollywood star chuckle during his close-up for the steamy scene, but said Kevin remained ever the professional and kept a straight face throughout.

Speaking on the ABC show, the 29-year-old - who looked lovely in a skater skirt blue dress, said she was undeterred and when producers for the 13-part Netflix series asked the pair to re-shoot Kate tried again, this time by sticking pictures of Barack Obama onto her body as it was election day.

House Of Cards, which debuts February 1 on streaming network Netflix, follows the exploits of ruthless and cunning Congressman Francis Underwood, played by Spacey, and his wife Claire, played by Wright, who will stop at nothing to conquer everything.

Kate O'Mara, who has died aged 74, was an actress whose cliff-high cheek bones, brooding glare and nifty line in tough talk fuelled a successful international television career.

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