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Bloom, of course, is Rachel Bloom, the show’s co-creator, lyricist, and star.

“We were thrown into this thing, and right away had to start collaborating on songs.“The knee jerk reaction from myself was that this guy needs to be arrested and brought to justice- as a police officer…As we enter Emmy season — nomination voting runs June 13 to June 27 — Yahoo TV will be spotlighting performances, writing, and other contributions that we feel deserve recognition. No, that’s not the name of an accounting firm: it’s the power duo behind the toe-tapping tunes that appear week-to-week on The CW’s incredibly ambitious, always hysterical musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Now, there’s a new team knocking on the door: Schlesinger & Bloom. Those are just a few of the legendary songwriting duos that have already been admitted to the unofficial musical theater Hall of Fame.“This song encapsulates everything I wanted to do with this show as a musical theater geek,” the Golden Globe-winning actress explains.

“The contrast of idealized love with what dating and relationships actually are, which is sometimes being pathetic to get laid.” The song also establishes the ever-shifting power dynamic between Rebecca and Greg that plays out over the course of the first season.

“In ‘Settle For Me,’ even though Greg is the dashing one, Rebecca has all the power,” Bloom says.

Which is a real hit or miss thing — you either have a chemistry together with somebody or you don’t.

Luckily, we all have similar senses of humor and similar points of references,” Schlesinger says.

Related: 12 Shows to Binge Now Schlesinger & Bloom also share a similar affection for the jaunty musical stylings of ‘20s and ‘30s hitmaker Cole Porter, who provides the inspiration for one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s standout Season 1 musical numbers, “Settle For Me.” (It’s one of four songs they’ve submitted for Emmy consideration in the Original Music & Lyrics category.) Filmed in era-appropriate black-and-white, the sequence partners Bloom’s titular crazy ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Bunch — although her real issues are a lot more nuanced than that — with Santino Fontana’s ambition-challenged bartender Greg for an Astaire & Rogers-inspired dance where the glamorous visuals are repeatedly undercut by Greg’s self-loathing lyrics.

That’s the stark contrast that Bloom specifically set out to spotlight.

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