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Hailey Baldwin has made her point clear: she is not going to put up with Justin Bieber’s games by waiting around for him like his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez always had.Hailey wanted to make one thing very clear…she was in London, and apparently at a nice restaurant having a dinner date.

Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to be with her, as he’s currently too busy fawning all over his new Calvin Klein pics now that he’s been named the new spokesmodel for the designer (try to contain your laughter).I would have thought Underoos who have been more appropriate for Justin, who obviously bulked up for the ad but had some clever airbrushing work to give him more definition.Hailey knows the mistakes Selena Gomez has made…over and over, and over again when it comes to Justin, and she is not about to make the same mistakes as Justin Bieber’s ex.The moment Justin and Hailey got back from their love fest vacation, Justin backed off a little.And with just shy of one million youtube views per day for the eleven days since launch it’s hard to argue that this little clip has done anything but nail it – brilliantly.From casting to filming to the prank format – the clip dials-up Mustang’s brand personality and aligns with the sort of brand story-telling a muscle car deserves.

Creating this kind of viral response to brand content is one hell of a challenge – there’s no text book template for success.

But as difficult as it is to achieve, if you start with truly, intuitively understanding your customer – then come up with a cool idea with real potential to engage, you certainly get the odds working in your favor.

Mustang Speed Dating Drives Accelerated Brand Engagement Ford recently released a clever little video content campaign called Mustang Speed Dating.

They fitted a Mustang with cameras to capture the driver and passenger, then launched a gorgeous stunt driver onto the blind date market, luring unsuspecting guys to go for a drive in her Mustang, at which point she puts her foot down, thrashes the car like only a stunt driver can and simultaneously smashes her passengers per-conceptions of attractive female drivers.

If the concept of the ad doesn’t hook you, the unbridled joy of the surprised passengers (well most of them) certainly will.

It’s the kind of idea that makes you realize in less time than it takes for a Mustang to go from 0-100 how well Ford and their agency know their target market.

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