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Even though Vatsal Sheth gave may hints about his special connection with his Rishton Ka Saudgar - Baazigar co-star, Ishita Dutta, sources indicate a contradicting situation.

I laughed when I first heard about it, but the producer explained the reason and I agreed with him.Similar to "friendzone" but more positive because neither party wants a romantic or sexual relationship. He's the first chief of staff to have nine fingers.*2. Once arrested for chopping the heads off parking meters.9. Ate Chuck Norris for brunch.*True, as far as I know.The clause not only covers Vatsal but all the other members on the set.Also, we will be paying a huge penalty along with legal action initiated against us, if we fall in love with anyone on the sets.

Doing date activities with a friend of the opposite sex to avoid actually having to date someone.

To the unaware third party observer the pair looks like they are together.

Basically, in the past, they have had bitter experiences when the two actors started dating and eventually, broke up.

So after they parted ways, they didn't wish to work together.

It becomes difficult for the production house to deal with it." When he was asked if he happens to like any of his co-stars, Vatsal said, "It would be one of the costliest love stories anyone would know of. I know I cannot predict the future and say that I will never fall in love (with a co-star or crew member), but let's see what happens if such a situation arises." Ishita too says she was surprised when she was told about the clause by the makers.

"You can't predict if you will fall in love with someone.

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