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Just plug the XCam2 in and it begins transmitting live video!No switches or confusing controls to worry about -- simply adjust the swivel-neck lens to the proper angle for your needs. The Powerful 2.4GHz transmitter broadcasts a wireless video signal to the Video Receiver unit which easily attaches to any video device using the included RCA jacks.

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Transmit LIVE video to your PC and send digital snapshots to any remote PC via the Internet with XRay Vision Software.Get the security of knowing what's going on at home or at work when you can't be there. Because the camera is wireless, simply place a camera in any area you want to watch over and plug the Video Receiver into your TV!This single-camera kit with PC/Internet monitoring is ideal for remotely monitoring your home, business and more! The XCam2 integrates a COLOR analog video camera and 2.4 GHz transmitter into a single device that can be installed and operated by anyone. The signal is automatically sent to your TV (or VCR if you want to record the action).You can even add multiple cameras and scan between them like changing channels on your TV! The secret behind the amazing XCam2 is its highly integrated design.The tiny camera unit contains everything you need to produce a color video broadcast in one palm-sized package that easily installs anywhere you want!It's the ultimate way to view everything that's happening at your home or office remotely!

The secret is an incredibly powerful software interface.

It uses the included USB adapter to capture and manage images from any X10 Video Camera and makes them available to you remotely – either through an imagebase or via e-mail. The USB PC Transceiver sends and receives Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals and works with the Multi View or XRay Vision software.

The PC Transceiver also works with X10 Entertainment Software, Firecracker Software and can even dim lights that couldn’t dim before!

The PC Transceiver can automatically turn on lights, appliances, and cameras through a Wireless Transceiver when X10 motion detectors are tripped.

The PC Video/USB Adapter works with X10 video software, allowing you to operate X10 cameras and display video using your PC.

It features an RCA video jack on one end and a USB jack on the other.

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